Hi, My name is Tony Winston. I am a freelance jazz pianist in the Atlanta area. My website is: www.tonywinston.com. I am married to the daughter of the late Anders Gisson . I occasionally buy or sell artworks by Gisson on Ebay under the name of mr_piano. I am in a great band! Mondo Band

This site will eventually grow to be a comprehensive retrospective of Gisson's life and work. Since this site's inception in Nov. 2003, I have received many emails from collectors and interested folks, some of whom have generously offered to send me images of their paintings and other useful information. This is greatly appreciated !

As to the images on the site now, some are photos of art I own, some are images from the web, and others are images sent to me by collectors. I don't share information as to who owns what - I totally respect the privacy of the kind people who have contributed to this site. This site is intended to be enjoyable and informative to collectors and fans.